Did You Schedule Enough Time for Your Wedding Reception?

There’s a lot to think about when you’re searching for the ideal venue for your wedding. In addition to the usual concerns about finding someplace beautiful, sticking to your budget, accommodating all your guests, and being able to choose the caterer you want, there are some less obvious considerations you don’t want to overlook. One big question is whether you can book enough time for your wedding reception.

Did You Schedule Enough Time for Your Wedding Reception?

A lot of venues will offer you wedding and reception packages that are only 4 or 5 hours long. You may not be able to arrange any additional hours or there may be significant extra costs. Before you sign anything, think about the advantages of being able to offer your guests a longer reception.

You lose track of time when you’re having fun. Once your reception is underway, everyone might want it to last longer than you originally planned. When people are dancing and talking, they don’t want the night to end.

Your guests will tend to remember the last thing that happened. Your wonderful wedding deserves to finish on a high note. Make sure your guests stay relaxed and happy instead of feeling pressured to depart.

You want to be a good host even after you leave. You and your new spouse can thank your guests and bid them farewell knowing they’re in good hands. You may even help another happy couple to find each other while they’re celebrating your union.

At Chandler’s Gardens, your Wedding Package will include your choice of ceremony and reception sites from 11 am to midnight so you won’t be watching the clock instead of each other. Contact us today to discuss our customizable packages and affordable prices for wedding and other events at our unique and private 250 acres in the rural countryside of McKinney, Texas.