Personalizing Your Outdoor Wedding Venue

With Winter out of the way, wedding season is ready to make its debut. But how do you make your outdoor wedding different from all the rest? Here are a few tips to personalize your outdoor wedding venue to make it truly outstanding.

Personalizing Your Outdoor Wedding Venue

Utilize the Space

One of the best ways that you can up the ante at your outdoor venue is to use the space available to you. Nature can become the perfect backdrop when used creatively. Trees, for example, are a great place to hang cloth backdrops for a ceremony and can provide a good anchor for lighting. You can also save money by using nature as a decoration.

Pre-existing flowers, shrubs, ponds, and rocks can fill the space with color and visual stimulation. Try using the same type of flower in your bouquet that is present on the property to add cohesiveness. Using rocks from the venue, you can line the aisle. To make the space more personal hang some photos of your significant other and you from trees or add your favorite memories to the program.

Pick Your Favorite Season

Spring, summer, and fall are all popular wedding seasons due to their beauty. Picking the right one for your outdoor wedding venue can help make your ceremony feel more personal. Spring is a good season for couples who love fresh buds, sunny skies, and lush foliage–however it can cause issues for those with allergies. Summer is great for those who prefer warmer weather. When picking the warmest season, possibilities for personalized guest gifts open up with monogrammed flip-flops, themed hand fans, and beeswax candles. Autumn provides its own scents and color scheme to any wedding and allows the couple the option of bonfires and smores but may not be ideal for those who do not like the brisk weather.

Theme Your Party

Lastly, the easiest way to personalize your outdoor wedding is picking a theme. Popular themes include vintage, rustic, and glamor. You could also choose to be unique and go with a theme based on literature, movies, or hobbies. Use the outdoor space and chosen season to amplify the effect of the theme. For example, choose summer for a glamorous Great Gatsby wedding. Use white flowers and green twinkle lights with strands of glittering fake gems hanging from trees to give an opulent effect.

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