The Perfect Venue for a Quinceanera to Remember

She’s your baby, your little girl, the light of your life, and she’s turning 15. This is a big event, and while you’ve probably already started to think about what color her dress will be or who will be on the guest list, the first step when planning an amazing quinceañera is to book an amazing venue. Here are the most important things to consider when choosing a venue.

The Perfect Venue for a Quinceanera to Remember

The Party Size

While you may have already thought about all your immediate family members and close family friends who will want on the guest list, it is important to remember the families and friends of the members of the court as well. Make a detailed list of any and all people you can imagine wanting to attend and plan for that many or more. It always seems that, after the venue has already been booked, people you hadn’t previously accounted for decide they want to attend.

The Environment

Indoor or outdoor, possibly the most important choice when it comes to choosing a venue. Do you want to celebrate surrounded by the beauty of nature, or would you rather stay indoors and not have to worry about sudden changes in weather? The best way to choose is by asking the birthday girl as well as some of the more influential and important guests what they think would be the best option because working together with everyone who’s going to play an important role in the event will lead to happy guests and a very happy birthday girl.

The Location

So, now you know what size venue you want, and what kind of venue you want, but you’ve yet to choose an actual location. When it comes to choosing a location you want to choose a place that is large, known for its beauty and privacy, and that offers the kind of venue you are looking for. If you are planning on holding your quinceañera near McKinney or Plano, TX, then Chandler’s Gardens is the way to go. With a large indoor and multiple outdoor venues, all in the beautiful rural countryside, there is no way to lose when choosing Chandler’s Gardens!

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