Your Next Reunion in a Beautiful Outdoor Venue

They say that scent has the strongest power over the memory of all the senses. Whether or not you realize it you will never forget the smell of your mother’s cooking, the breeze at summer camp and the gym floor during school dances. Every time you smell that blend of spices or a waft of those pollens in the air you remember some special little memory about how you last experienced that smell. Reunions are both about remembering past joys and making new memories with the people you still are about. Why not make your next reunion memorable in a fragrant outdoor environment. Bringing your family, classmates or co-workers together surrounded by the beautiful outdoors is a great way to enhance the warm re-connections of your next reunion.

Your Next Reunion in a Beautiful Outdoor Venue

Let Nature Enrich the Experience

Being surrounded by nature is more than just beautiful, it’s exhilarating. Oxygen created by grass, trees, and bushes enrich the air and enhance the experience of those nearby. According to The Huffington Post, “fresh air is a quick way to kick your brain into high gear” and that oxygen can increase both concentration and creativity. When attending a reunion, everyone wants to be their best, and in a tree-rich outdoor environment, they can do so much more easily than in an enclosed hotel hall or community center.

The Personal Touch

Most hotels offer halls as a service, but it is often an impersonal one. The walls and decorations are set to fit a wide variety of events and your reunion is just one of them. A surrounding of terraces and cultivated trees offers a cozy environment that is universal rather than generic. Meetings and connections become more personal in private natural surroundings. The soft chirp of birds and hum of friendly insects stirs a feeling of simpler times when people would meet on porches and beside fires instead of in coffee bars and fitness centers.

Choose Your Outdoor Venue

These beautiful locations are available in every state, but for anyone planning their reunion near Plano or North Dallas TX, Chandler’s Gardens has three beautiful venues, varying in indoor to an outdoor ratio based on the needs of your event. The Circle of Trees is an all outdoor location surrounded by trees draped in Tuscan style lights and featuring a 24-foot diameter dance floor. For those who prefer the indoor-outdoor feel, the Legacy of Legends Rose Garden features an elegant, chandelier-lit reception tent with slide window panels surrounded by a garden of roses. Finally, for those who like to gather indoors after taking in the night air, there is the Chandler’s Gardens Event Center.

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