How to Make Parents Part of Your Wedding Day

Your big day is fast approaching, and with it come the many questions of how to best include your parents and new in-laws in the event. Here are some stress-free ways to let them know how important they are!

How to Make Parents Part of Your Wedding Day

    Idea 1: Send a small gift a few weeks before the wedding.

Chances are, your families have put in many hours (and possibly dollars!) to help you with this day. They deserve your thanks. Giving a card, sending flowers, or a small memento in the mail will let them know that they are not only a part of your wedding but highly valued.

     Idea 2: Dedicate a song to them at the reception.

Does your mom have a favorite jam? Maybe your in-laws love country music. A great way to honor them is to play some tunes they will enjoy at the reception, and let them know you were thinking of them!

     Idea 3: Make sure they get the first photos.

Looking at your wedding pics for the first time is priceless – to you and your family. As soon as you get some copies from the big day, send them through email or snail mail, along with a thank you for all they did. They’ll cherish the photos as much as you do.

     During the wedding season, there are so many details to see to. For expert advice contact us at Chandler’s Gardens, and make sure that the people who matter most to you know that they were at the top of your list!