Outdoor Wedding & Reception in McKinney, TX?

With more than 250 acres, outdoor weddings and receptions are our specialty. If you’re tired of all the noise of the city and restrictions posed by indoor venues, then booking a party surrounded by green, under the warmth of the sapphire sky is an easy choice for your next wedding, reunion, work retreat, or general get-together. With numerous amenities provided at reasonable prices, Chandler’s Gardens beats the stuffiness of hotel banquet halls and is within driving distance of McKinney, Dallas, and other towns and cities in North Texas.

Looking For An Outdoor Wedding & Reception in McKinney, TX?

The warmth of the sun and the fresh outdoor air are more memorable than the coruscating incandescent bulbs and the muted Berber Carpets and beige tiles of indoor settings. If you’re going to throw a party, then why make it indistinct from most of the ones that you and your guests have already been to? If you’re used to the climate in the region then you know that the weather will likely be accommodating nine months of the year. And if worse comes to worse, Chandler’s Gardens can tent your party or move it into our Event Center

Hosting a quinceañera or a wedding? Need a bridal suite? It is provided adjacent next to our Event Center. Need help with catering or setup? Contact us for all of our available options and we’ll work with you to make your special day as stress-free as possible. Our goal is to provide you with a memorable event for the right reasons and not because of insufficient supplies or unexpected incidents.

Contacting us is simple. Our event coordinator can provide you with more information if you have any further questions. So let us know how we can make your outdoor event one worth remembering.