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October 16, 2018

Picking the Right Event Venue For a Bachelor Party

Choosing the right event venue at a bachelor party isn’t just about the location. It’s also about the activity. There are plenty of guys who will plan their bachelor parties around activities that they never tried previously. They should remember that there’s nothing wrong with that. There are lots of different activities that are really popular for guys planning their bachelor parties. Some guys who want to play paintball on their bachelor parties have been playing paintball for years. Others will just try it just because it seems like a lot of fun and they think their friends will probably like it. They’re right to think that way, since playing paintball is a beloved activity, and it doesn’t matter whether or not it’s new to everyone involved. Bachelor parties are not just about celebrating the end of an era. They’re also partly about celebrating new beginnings and new transitions. Marriage represents the beginning of a new phase of life for a lot of people. Bachelor parties are about what comes next and not just what’s passed. As such, it makes sense to try something completely new during a bachelor party. Most people are not going to grumble about their friend trying a popular bachelor […]
October 4, 2018

The Secret to Elegant Outdoor Parties

Any food seems to taste more delicious when you’re eating outside, but maybe you’re tired of run of the mill barbecues and picnics. After all, it’s easy to make outdoor parties more elegant without a lot of fuss and expense. Here are some of our secrets for making outdoor entertaining feel more festive. Turn up the lights: Lighting can be one of the most inconspicuous but powerful elements in transforming any space. Use candles, paper or kerosene lanterns, and string lights to achieve the effect you want. Whether it’s a table centerpiece or tiny lights beaming out from the trees, you’ll add more warmth and beauty to your party. Play music: Whether it’s opera or rock and roll, music helps to set the mood too. Select songs that will lift your spirits or make your guests want to dance the night away. Serve small bites: Dining seems more refined when you avoid supersized portions. Plus, your guests can sample more dishes, and still stick to their diets. Set your table: Use real china, cutlery, and glasses instead of paper and plastic products. It’s better for the environment, and your table settings will look gorgeous. Plus, the same foods taste better […]
September 21, 2018

Exiting Your Wedding in Style

Couples marrying fifty years ago didn’t have much choice in how to exit their reception to a waiting car. They ran out under a rain of rice. Now, few people use rice and there are a wealth of options to make your wedding departure unique. Rice lost its favor with couples when it was rumored (unwarranted, by the way) to hurt birds, who tend to eat it off the ground afterward. It also lost its meaning because most people don’t believe in the superstitions that rice will increase fertility or prosperity. Practically, rice is a problem because the pelting can hurt if thrown too hard at bare skin and the couple, wearing dress shoes, can slip on it if too much of it is on a sidewalk or pavement. There are other options to rice that couples find are wonderful alternatives. Bubbles are the biggest hit and took over after rice was tossed to the curb. They are pretty, fun and safe. Kids attending the wedding love them, so everyone can be involved. Glow sticks are growing in use for exiting weddings. These come in many colors and make for interesting pictures if the exit is done after dark. Plus, […]
August 27, 2018

3 Reasons For Choosing A Wedding Site

Those looking for the perfect space for their wedding may feel overwhelmed at the choices. There are a vast array of venues and all come with different options. The prices are just as varied. It is enough to cause headaches for any typical bride. Wedding sites are one alternative for couples.  A wedding site is a venue that specializes only in weddings and special events. There are three solid reasons for choosing a wedding site for your ceremony. Wedding sites are created especially for weddings and other events. Since weddings are the bulk of their business, the site is already set up specifically for ceremonies. Wedding sites typically have a coordinator on staff. The staff coordinator has worked many weddings at that site, so she understands the site’s structure, facilities and amenities. You will access her knowledge during the planning process without having to pay an additional fee for her services. Wedding sites can often offer all-inclusive packages. This can be a big stress reliever. Some wedding sites already have a caterer, baker, event staffing, officiant, rental companies and musicians on hand who either work exclusively for the venue or as preferred vendors. All you have to do is write […]
August 17, 2018

Making Your Fantasy Wedding a Reality

There’s a reason why the Game of Thrones and The Lord of the Rings have captured the imaginations of millions of viewers all over the world. Base your wedding theme in the magic and mystery of another world, and let your creativity shine on your special day. Be sure to incorporate the following ideas into your fantasy wedding: The Décor: Fantasy weddings are all about drawing on the natural world to create a whole other world. Your décor will need to include natural fabrics and materials, from animal horns, tree branches and an abundance of flowers for your ceremony setting, to pewter cups and plates on your table settings. Your Look: Channel your inner Arwen and make sure your hair is long and flowing and your make up is natural. Choose a dress of natural fabrics, and style it to suit the climate you are getting married in. The Ceremony: Tradition and poetry rule in fantasy wedding ceremonies. Your vows should be from the heart and tell the history you have together as a couple. If you are really committed to the theme you could try a few verses in Dothraki or Elvish, or you could create your own language. The […]
August 1, 2018

3 Easy DIY Projects for Your Rustic Wedding

If you dream about having a wedding in the country, you probably appreciate natural beauty, and take satisfaction in doing things for yourself. DIY projects are one way to achieve simple elegance, and put your personal touch on your special day. Here are 3 ideas for projects that will offer all the advantages of hand crafting without taking up much time or money or requiring special skills. Custom Drink Stirrers: Sure, you could order the standard plastic or wooden drink stirrers with a few lines of printed personalization, but for a homier feeling make your own from scratch. All you need are stirring sticks so you can glue any object of your choice on top. Maybe you’ll want to cut hearts out of red construction paper or pop on gum balls that match your wedding colors. Singular Centerpieces: Not all wedding centerpieces are made of flowers. You can use found objects, and make lovely decorations for free. Gather books, candles, corks, sticks, vegetables, fruits, or anything that you like. Thoughtful Favors: It really is the thought that counts. Instead of giving your guests a variation of trendy favors that they might have gotten at the last 3 weddings they went […]
June 15, 2018

5 Things for Your Guests Want You to Do

After months of planning, your special day has finally arrived. Your perfect venue is prepped, the menu is set, the cake looks delicious, and your dress fits like a glove. But, you have a lingering thought, “Will my guests really like all the work that went into planning?” It’s no secret that guests attend weddings for two things: food and the party, but as a couple you want your event to be more memorable than that. Here is a list of 5 things that your guests wish you would do: Clear up the dress code debacle Make it known on your invitation how you want your guests to dress. Never make your guests guess, it leads to confusion, stress, and phone calls from your friends and family. Assigned seating  Assign your guests to a table, but stop assigning them a specific seat. Guests don’t mind being told what table to sit at, it actually takes some pressure off the “where should we sit” situation, but they hate being told what seat to sit at. It makes them uncomfortable, especially if they don’t know anyone at the table, or are separated from their plus one. Cut the “extras”  It’s may come […]
June 4, 2018

Planning an Annual Family Reunion

If your children are grown and they’ve moved away or you have siblings you rarely see, you may be interested in reconnecting. Here are a few simple things to remember when planning a family reunion. First of all, you will want to make sure you choose a date that works well for the entire group of relatives you plan to invite. This should provide enough time to make all the arrangements. However, there is no need for tackling everything all alone. Come up with a short list of family members, for instance, a sister and an aunt. Work together. Bear in mind; it may be necessary to compromise on occasion. Assign specific tasks to help balance out the planning portion of the upcoming event. Create a list of relatives who you plan to invite to your first annual family reunion. Discuss possible locations, catering (unless you are planning to spend time away from your loved ones), and professional photographers. Next, send out invitations. This could be through old-fashioned methods, such as cards sent by mail, or through social media. Ask family members to RSVP as soon as possible. This will provide an expected headcount. The venue is chosen, refreshments and […]
May 3, 2018

Pick an Outdoor Venue for Your Collegiate Theme Wedding

If you’re dreaming about a collegiate theme for your wedding, an outdoor venue is a smart choice for the couple who likes to be a little sporty and fun. Whether the two of you met on campus or just like to flaunt your school pride, here are some ideas for an academic look. Reasons for picking a collegiate theme: Harking back to your college years provides a personal and meaningful touch. Maybe you and your best friends all attended the same school or you’re a couple who’s blending together your different experiences and individual histories. Plus, a school theme is timeless so you might want to use it to create a tradition for future anniversaries. School day details for your wedding: An academic theme is relatively easy to carry out, and there are lots of affordable options for decorating. Start with your school colors or a generic scheme heavy on the royal blue, gold, and maroon. Put your school crest on invitations, napkins, and the top of a cake. Create food stations with some favorite snacks from your student days like breakfast cereal and popcorn. Have a giant cut-out of your school mascot for taking pictures with. Add books, binders […]