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February 17, 2020

Are You Making These Wedding Planning Mistakes?

Your wedding should be a time of merriment and reflection on the love that you and your partner share. However, when wedding planning goes wrong, it could become unpleasant for everyone involved. As soon as you get engaged, you want to create a feasible plan that ensures a well-organized occasion. Emergencies happen, and there will be times when you won’t get along with your maid-of-honor during the planning process. Here are some wedding planning mistakes you should avoid. Overspending on the Wedding Dress  While it’s great that you want to look your best on the big day, don’t make the mistake of overspending on your dress. In addition to the dress, you’ll need to budget for makeup, your hairstyle, shoes, and any alterations that might need to be made to the dress. Stick to your budget when buying the wedding dress. Not Starting With The Guest List  You can’t wait to call caterers and hire a photographer, but these should be done only after you and your partner create a guest list. Without a guest list, you don’t have an idea of how many people will be able to fit in the venue you’re interested in. Decide whether you want […]
February 3, 2020

Choosing a Wedding Venue: 3 Things to Consider

There are a lot of moving pieces when it comes to planning a wedding. One of the first decisions that every couple has to make is where to hold the wedding. There are a wide variety of wedding venues available, and each speak to the personality of the couple. Here are some aspects of a potential venue that you should consider when you are getting ready to make your decision.   Room to Move One of the most important aspects of any wedding venue is having the space to move around. You want to be able to find a wedding venue that can comfortably fit all your guests while they are dining, dancing and mingling with other guests. A trick to remember when you are considering different sized venues is that you will need between ten and fifteen square feet per guest. This will allow you to find a venue that has just enough space for the wedding and reception. Availability of Additional Services Another aspect of every wedding venue is whether the venue itself offers additional services for your event. Many venues offer packages that include catering options, a DJ, a live band and decoration setup. While most of […]
January 24, 2020

Choose an Outdoor Wedding Venue with Wide Open Spaces

Lots of city restaurants and hotels have lovely outdoor areas suitable for everyday meals and socializing. However, when you’re planning a wedding or any major event, a venue with wide open spaces has distinct advantages. Here are a few points to keep in mind. Reduce stress: Your wedding is one of the happiest days in your life, but it’s also very demanding. Anything you can do to help you and your loved ones relax will help everything run smoother and create a better experience. Spacious surroundings can help everyone to feel more comfortable even if they don’t know why. Take better photos: Many hotel ballrooms tend to look similar. On the other hand, a wedding venue with indoor and outdoor spaces and loads of natural beauty gives you many more options for beautiful backgrounds, creative group photos, and all kinds of images that you’ll be able to share with your loved ones and treasure for the rest of your life. Enjoy more flexibility: When you’re thinking through the logistics, having more space to work with makes it easier to solve a lot of common issues. Maybe you want to seat your older guests at a distance from the music so […]
January 6, 2020

3 Tips to De-stress Before Your Wedding Day

There are many things to think about when organizing a wedding. From what gown to wear to what wine to serve, the options are endless. However, there are a few things you can do to lower your stress levels. From delegating certain duties to doing away with rituals that don’t mean that much to you, there are a number of different ways to simplify your wedding. So think about whether you really need to wear that uncomfortable ball gown or lose ten pounds before your big day. And if you feel like these things aren’t that important, then eliminate them from your wedding planning altogether. You’ll end up so much happier. Wedding Dress: For a bride, it’s important to have the right wedding dress in which you feel comfortable and beautiful. Don’t let anyone browbeat you into getting a wedding dress which is not your style. If you find that the people in your life tend to do this, then go alone for your wedding dress shopping. But it might be best if you take someone who you know will be supportive. Weight Loss Issues: Many brides go on an epic diet right before their wedding. They want to fit […]
December 27, 2019

Amazing Cocktail Hour Ideas Your Guests Will Love

The options are nearly endless when it comes to the choices that you have to make your wedding unique and truly your own to celebrate your nuptials. One of the fun things that couples often overlook is the happy hour after the ceremony and before the reception officially begins. You can think of the wedding cocktail hour as the perfect happy hour event to kick off the celebration for you and your guests. We have put together a list of some wonderful cocktail hour ideas that you guests will absolutely love. Soft Music Background music is a simple touch that guests will enjoy. If you chose a live band to perform at your wedding, ask the string performers to play softly as guests mingle, dine and drink during the cocktail hour. You can nix the boring elevator music and ask your band to perform music to match the mood of the event. Keep The Theme The decor that you choose for your wedding, whether it will be indoors or outside, can set the mood for the entire event. If the cocktail hour is located in the Garden of Brookshire and your reception is held in the Ballroom, you can bring […]
December 9, 2019

Skip The Cake And Try These Wedding Dessert Ideas Instead

Bring your sweet tooth and appetite to the table as alternative wedding desserts are all the rage. Whether you opt to skip the traditional wedding cake all together or decide to have some extra treats for guests to enjoy during your wedding reception, your options are nearly endless. With a creative edge, we have compiled a list of decadent treats that your guests will absolutely love that will make your wedding an event that they will not soon forget. Pie Who doesn’t love a warm slice of pie topped with cold, creamy vanilla ice cream? We sure do and we think your guests will, too. You can choose to go with seasonal pies to make the best of what fruits are in season. Strawberry and blueberry are perfect for summer while spicy apple and pumpkin are tasty for fall. Don’t forget to add a side of whipped cream or ice cream to top it off. Parfaits These tasty treats are great for an afternoon wedding for guests that are looking for a dessert that is on the lighter side. Nix the granola and you’ve got a gluten free dessert for those with dietary restrictions. Make it fun by setting up […]
November 25, 2019

A Wedding Trend Worth Taking a Look At! – First Looks (Part 2)

In our last post, we told you what a “First Look” is and how that can work at your wedding. Here’s some more information to keep you on top of this wedding trend. First Looks are Designed for the Photographer Most wedding photographers would say that the wedding timeline is designed for them, and the First Look makes their job easier and better. The First Look allows time for the photographer to capture the bride and groom together, relaxed, and often off-guard. Emotion shows on their faces. Delight and anticipation brighten their expressions. Genuine smiles flash best when it’s just the two of them. There’s nothing like a big crowd to make a person’s smile fake. Without a First Look, the photographer is often searching for that perfect bride and groom shot during the typical cocktail hour following the ceremony. The ceremony can be draining, and those tired expressions do show up on the faces of the newly-married couple. Capturing them together before the big event is much better! It’s also important to note that if the First Look is held well before the ceremony, other formal pictures including members of the bridal party can also be taken before the […]
November 11, 2019

A Wedding Trend Worth Taking a Look At! (Part 1)

“First Look” is a modern buzz-phrase in the wedding industry. If you haven’t heard of it, or you have heard of it, and you are skeptical, take a moment to read more about this surprising wedding trend. What is a First Look? It’s actually fairly simple to explain. Before the wedding ceremony occurs, the groom gets a first look at his bride. This is a private moment between the bride and groom. The rest of the bridal party is not present. The First Look usually occurs somewhere beautiful and peaceful, away from the guests who are probably gathering for the upcoming ceremony. Of course, the wedding photographer is present at the First Look. We’ll talk more about that later. As it turns out, the First Look and wedding photography have a lot to do with each other. Why Would a Couple Have a First Look? Doesn’t this modern wedding trend buck against too many firm traditions? Why would anyone want a First Look? Let’s think about a traditional wedding ceremony. Emotions are high. Nerves are even higher. Everyone is looking at the bride as she sweeps slowly up the aisle, arm-in-arm with her father. The groom, waiting at the front […]
October 28, 2019

Incorporating Family History into Your Wedding

A rural setting like Chandler’s Gardens is perfect for the couple who wants to incorporate family history into their wedding. If you appreciate tradition and the simple things in life, we may be just what you’re looking for in a venue for your casual rustic wedding. Here are some ideas for celebrating your origins together as you start your married life. Your family photos: Displaying family photos can be one of the simplest and most touching ways to evoke your family history. You can use funny and poignant images in your decorations and centerpieces, as well as on your wedding website and print materials. How about a shot of your grandparents getting married or the first photo you took together as a couple? Your wedding gown: Even if you don’t decide to wear your mother’s gown, you can walk down the aisle with a special memento. Maybe she’d be delighted if you took a fragment to reuse as a garter or ribbon in your hair. Your rings: Heirloom engagement and wedding rings are becoming increasingly popular. As long as it belonged to a beloved family member, it could even be a ring that originally had nothing to do with getting […]