An Extraordinary Venue for Your Next Church Gathering

When you’re looking for a venue for your next church gathering, you want something that will fulfill all the ordinary criteria, and deliver something more extraordinary. At Chandler’s Garden, we offer indoor and outdoor spaces that create an experience you can’t find in a standard business hotel. Here are a few advantages to consider when you’re planning any kind of church meeting or event.

An Extraordinary Venue for Your Next Church Gathering

Focus on the sacred: It can be difficult to find a peaceful and quiet space these days. While hotels serve their purpose, the constant exposure to television screens, retail shops, and people rushing from one meeting room to the next can be a distraction from spiritual matters. Out in the country, you can sit or stroll around in greater privacy.

Bring different generations together: If you’re encouraging everyone to bring their whole family along, you need to accommodate a diverse group. Our spacious facilities give children room to play games and run around, while more mature guests can find plenty of quiet spaces for deep conversation and reflection. Everyone can mingle, and feel comfortable.

Share a meal. There’s a good reason why most churches have a kitchen, and most gatherings set aside time for eating together. Food provides a fun and tangible way to celebrate and connect with each other. That’s especially true when you dine in an enchanting outdoor setting.

Contact us for a private tour of our secluded 250 private acre facility nestled in the rural countryside of McKinney, Texas. We provide a memorable and uniquely beautiful experience for church gatherings, weddings, and other special occasions.