Tips to Avoid Stress on the Big Day

All your planning and late nights have come to this day. It is the day you are getting married! Don’t let your nerves and excitement turn into stress. Use these tips to avoid stress and enjoy your big day!

  • Enjoy Your Wedding Day: Tips to Avoid Stress on the Big DayStart the day like you always do. Yes, you are getting married! Today is a day like no other. However, it is important to keep your morning routine the same. If you usually workout before your day, do it. Staying in your routine helps to keep the stress away.
  • Call your future spouse! Their voice calms you and you can enjoy the excitement together.
  • Give yourself plenty of time. One of the biggest causes of stress on your day is timing. Plan a wedding day timeline that gives you, your spouse, and your wedding party plenty of time. 
  • Eat. Even if it is something small, eat. Keeping your blood sugar steady helps reduce your stress level. It also helps you focus on the day.
  • Consider hiring a day of coordinator. If you do not have a wedding coordinator considering hiring one for the day. If your budget doesn’t allow, ask a family member to direct. Choose someone who can multi-task with stress. Let them handle the details until you are ready to walk down the aisle. 
  • Take plenty of pictures at every moment of the day. Relax in front of the camera. Have fun with your wedding party before the professionals show up. Laugh until your sides hurt.
  • Pack an overnight bag. Make sure you have a wedding night bag packed. You want the transition into married life stress-free. Make sure you and your loved one have clothes to change into, money, and keys.

A stress-free day is the goal of every couple. Let us handle the small details. Contact us to start planning a beautiful, stress-free day.