How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Photographer

One very important step in the wedding planning process is choosing a wedding photographer. The wedding photographer’s job is to capture your special moment that you will cherish for a lifetime. It is pertinent that you choose the photographer that suits you best.

How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Photographer

Match your style.

Look at the photographer’s portfolio; do you like their style? Imagine yourselves in their photos. Do you like what you see? Perhaps you and your spouse are having a country-themed wedding. In this case, you would not benefit from hiring a “high fashion” wedding photographer because your styles would not match. While this example is more extreme than most, it illustrates the point clearly. Search the internet for “wedding photographer” and a keyword that describes your style (in this case: “country”).


Check their pricing structure to see how much they charge for their services. Read the contract carefully and look for any hidden fees; if a photographer is not specific about their pricing then look elsewhere. The last thing you want is extra fees after your wedding is over. It is also helpful to know their guidelines for unsatisfactory results. You should get a partial or full refund if the professional does not provide a satisfactory end-product.

Read reviews.

Pay attention to the photographer’s past customers. How satisfied were the customers with their level of service? How well did the professional response to customer problems? You can learn plenty about the professional in their public reviews.

Meet in person.

Once you believe you have selected the ideal photographer for your wedding you should plan to meet up with them in person. You want to make sure that you feel comfortable with your photographer. Does your personality work well with theirs?

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