Wedding Season Has Arrived!

The sun is shining.  The birds are singing.  The air, like love, gives that comforting feeling.  It’s that time of the year again! It is the season to celebrate love! June is one of the most popular months to schedule a wedding.  There is little chance of rain ruining the big day.  The sunshine and warmth add an extra joy to the big day.  Having an outdoor ceremony is the perfect way to incorporate peace and tranquility into the ceremony with a little rustic flare.  Planning a wedding?  Nobody knows how to help host and celebrate a wedding better than Chandler’s Gardens.  The beautiful venue, located just 15 minutes North of McKinney’s city center, offers several options to choose from when it comes to selecting the perfect site for your wedding!  You can choose from the elegant rose garden, a stunning and secluded “Secret” garden, and a site that is… read more →

5 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Wedding Even More Eco-Friendly

You’ve recycled your mother’s wedding dress and sent e-vites instead of paper invitations, but you’d still like to make sure your wedding reception is more Eco-friendly. If you want to start off your marital bliss with a green footprint and still be able to “wow” your guests, here are some easy ways to keep your reception both classy and green: 1. Consider your vendors: Choosing local vendors helps to keep your footprint small. By hiring vendors that are local to your venue you’re not only supporting small businesses in your community but you are eliminating the emissions from their vehicles if you’d hired from further away. Local vendors will be able to easily seek out local products too, contributing even more to a happy Mother Earth. 2. Location matters:  Speaking of emissions, you can also choose to hold your ceremony and reception in one place, that way none of your… read more →

Planning Fun and Entertaining Outdoor Parties

An outdoor party can be a great way to celebrate a special time in your life with family and friends. If you have never planned an outdoor event before, there may be a few things you will have to consider that differ from an indoor party. Planning and fun and entertaining outdoor event. Layout of the Party Area An important consideration for an outdoor party is how you will utilize the space. It is important to create a specific layout so you know where to place the food, the entertainment and the tables for the guests. You may also have other stations for the party such as games and activities. This layout will help you determine how much space you have for all of these stations so the party space doesn’t get too crowded.  Power Supply Most large parties will have some type of entertainment, which will often require the… read more →

Weddings: Bridal Shoe Options

At the heart of all weddings are love and romance. But for the soon-to-be blushing bride, what she wears on her big day is quite important as well. While countless magazines and online articles focus on the wedding dress, arguably not enough coverage is given to the wedding shoes. However, if you’re currently in the midst of planning a wedding, you’re probably interested to know your bridal shoe options for the big day. In which case, you’ll want to read about the three options below. Go for Comfort Let’s be honest for a second here: Bridal attire isn’t exactly the most comfortable thing to wear. So it’s understandable to want to at least wear comfortable shoes on your wedding day. After all, no one can even really see your shoes if you’re going to be wearing a long traditional dress. Thus, if you’re going for comfort, either a pair of sneakers… read more →

Did You Schedule Enough Time for Your Wedding Reception?

There’s a lot to think about when you’re searching for the ideal venue for your wedding. In addition to the usual concerns about finding someplace beautiful, sticking to your budget, accommodating all your guests, and being able to choose the caterer you want, there are some less obvious considerations you don’t want to overlook. One big question is whether you can book enough time for your wedding reception. A lot of venues will offer you wedding and reception packages that are only 4 or 5 hours long. You may not be able to arrange any additional hours or there may be significant extra costs. Before you sign anything, think about the advantages of being able to offer your guests a longer reception. You lose track of time when you’re having fun. Once your reception is underway, everyone might want it to last longer than you originally planned. When people are… read more →

5 Ways to Keep Your Divorced Parents Happy on Your Wedding Day

Though your wedding day should be a day filled to the brim with love, laughter, and joy, you may have the unfortunate burden of having to worry about pleasing your divorced parents. As you’ve probably heard, more than half of all marriages end in divorce. Of course, that’s not something you want to be reminded of before your big day, but it does go to show that a high percentage of couples are having to accommodate these less-than-perfect situations. If you’re fortunate enough to have divorced parents that can stand being in the same room or have maybe even continued their friendship, then you are one of the lucky few. Many children of divorced parents have to worry about making sure that both parents, and step-parents, are included in the wedding day events and that precautions are made so that tensions don’t arise. There are several things you can do… read more →

An Extraordinary Venue for Your Next Church Gathering

When you’re looking for a venue for your next church gathering, you want something that will fulfill all the ordinary criteria, and deliver something more extraordinary. At Chandler’s Garden, we offer indoor and outdoor spaces that create an experience you can’t find in a standard business hotel. Here are a few advantages to consider when you’re planning any kind of church meeting or event. Focus on the sacred: It can be difficult to find a peaceful and quiet space these days. While hotels serve their purpose, the constant exposure to television screens, retail shops, and people rushing from one meeting room to the next can be a distraction from spiritual matters. Out in the country, you can sit or stroll around in greater privacy. Bring different generations together: If you’re encouraging everyone to bring their whole family along, you need to accommodate a diverse group. Our spacious facilities give children… read more →

5 Ways to Keep Guests Comfortable at an Outdoor Wedding Venue

Chandler’s Gardens offers 250 acres of outdoor beauty for your wedding. However, sometimes hosting a wedding in the great outdoors can come with some special issues. How does one ensure that their invited guests will be comfortable and enjoy the outdoor setting? Here are some tips to help guests relax and revel in nature during your big day!  Give Plenty of Notice – One thing a lot of people don’t care for are surprises, so make sure you mention the outdoor ceremony and/or reception on your invites. This way, people can dress appropriately for the weather. Bug Off! –  With outdoor events eventually comes bugs. Mosquitos, gnats, bees, and their ilk are all just a part of nature. This doesn’t mean you have to happily share your day with them. Plan ahead with citronella candles or make bug-spray readily available.  Keep Cool –   Texas days can get HOT, we all know this. Make… read more →

7 Ways for Nervous Brides to Relax in Our Special Bridal Suite

The hours before your wedding are full of excitement and stress so you’ll probably wish you had a place to relax and unwind. That’s why Chandler’s Gardens is pleased to present our new Bridal Suite, complete with private changing rooms, vanities, a relaxing lounge area and a private restroom with a shower. It’s the perfect place to try these 7 tips for managing your jitters. Breathe. Start with the basics. Take several deep breaths drawing the air up from your lower abdomen. Lengthen your exhalations for an extra calming effect. Meditate or pray. Even if you’re having trouble holding still, this is the ideal time to pause for inspirational thoughts. Engage in a few moments of prayer or mindfulness meditation. Reminisce. Let your girlfriends help you take your mind off any concerns about the weather or seating arrangements. Enjoy your last hours together as a single woman remembering the good… read more →

The Perfect Venue for a Quinceanera to Remember

She’s your baby, your little girl, the light of your life, and she’s turning 15. This is a big event, and while you’ve probably already started to think about what color her dress will be or who will be on the guest list, the first step when planning an amazing quinceañera is to book an amazing venue. Here are the most important things to consider when choosing a venue. The Party Size While you may have already thought about all your immediate family members and close family friends who will want on the guest list, it is important to remember the families and friends of the members of the court as well. Make a detailed list of any and all people you can imagine wanting to attend and plan for that many or more. It always seems that, after the venue has already been booked, people you hadn’t previously accounted for decide they… read more →

Ribbon Cutting at Chandlers Gardens

Come join us for our ribbon cutting and mixer with the McKinney Chamber of Commerce. We’ll be serving complimentary appetizers and cocktails plus giving tours of our beautiful property. Bring your friends and co-workers for a fun-filled evening. We look forward to seeing you! Tuesday, October 3 at 4:30 PM – 7 PM Chandler’s Gardens: 7150 CR 206, Celina, Texas 75009

3 Things You Must Do to Plan the Perfect Prom

Prom is one of the biggest nights in high school. It is a night to look back on for the rest of your lives. So when planning your prom, you need to make sure it is a good one. Here are 3 essential things you need to do when planning.  1) Start in September It might seem like it’s a long way away, but you cannot procrastinate. There is a lot of things to do to make prom a success. So start planning what the theme is and what the budget is. When you are recruiting people for the prom committee, also be planning your fundraisers to raise money for Prom. You should have several fundraising events to make sure you raise enough to do everything you want to do. That all requires planning and there’s no time to start like September. Fundraising ideas could be helpful for everyone as… read more →

Personalizing Your Outdoor Wedding Venue

With Winter out of the way, wedding season is ready to make its debut. But how do you make your outdoor wedding different from all the rest? Here are a few tips to personalize your outdoor wedding venue to make it truly outstanding. Utilize the Space One of the best ways that you can up the ante at your outdoor venue is to use the space available to you. Nature can become the perfect backdrop when used creatively. Trees, for example, are a great place to hang cloth backdrops for a ceremony and can provide a good anchor for lighting. You can also save money by using nature as a decoration. Pre-existing flowers, shrubs, ponds, and rocks can fill the space with color and visual stimulation. Try using the same type of flower in your bouquet that is present on the property to add cohesiveness. Using rocks from the venue, you… read more →

How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Photographer

One very important step in the wedding planning process is choosing a wedding photographer. The wedding photographer’s job is to capture your special moment that you will cherish for a lifetime. It is pertinent that you choose the photographer that suits you best. Match your style. Look at the photographer’s portfolio; do you like their style? Imagine yourselves in their photos. Do you like what you see? Perhaps you and your spouse are having a country-themed wedding. In this case, you would not benefit from hiring a “high fashion” wedding photographer because your styles would not match. While this example is more extreme than most, it illustrates the point clearly. Search the internet for “wedding photographer” and a keyword that describes your style (in this case: “country”). Money. Check their pricing structure to see how much they charge for their services. Read the contract carefully and look for any hidden… read more →

Your Next Reunion in a Beautiful Outdoor Venue

They say that scent has the strongest power over the memory of all the senses. Whether or not you realize it you will never forget the smell of your mother’s cooking, the breeze at summer camp and the gym floor during school dances. Every time you smell that blend of spices or a waft of those pollens in the air you remember some special little memory about how you last experienced that smell. Reunions are both about remembering past joys and making new memories with the people you still are about. Why not make your next reunion memorable in a fragrant outdoor environment. Bringing your family, classmates or co-workers together surrounded by the beautiful outdoors is a great way to enhance the warm re-connections of your next reunion. Let Nature Enrich the Experience Being surrounded by nature is more than just beautiful, it’s exhilarating. Oxygen created by grass, trees, and bushes… read more →

5 Innovative Ideas For Your Next Corporate Event

Theme and concept: after decades of corporate events and planned large-scale meetings, is there really anything new under the Sun? If you are worried about your next big meeting being a boring flop, here are 5 innovative ideas to generate enthusiasm and provide data for better planning. 1. Venue: Get out of the conference centers. Opt for the outdoor festival style. The latest green industry research reports that more than 70% of American consumers are willing to pay a premium for green goods and services. Since 1997, when the eco-consumer trend first started, sales have burgeoned for green industry companies from just over $3 billion to more than $35 billion. Don’t get left behind the corporate green trend. 2. Pay It Forward: Giving back to the community should always be part of a successful business model. Include a give-back opportunity as part of the meeting’s agenda. Don’t just run a business. Create a legacy.… read more →

Tips to Avoid Stress on the Big Day

All your planning and late nights have come to this day. It is the day you are getting married! Don’t let your nerves and excitement turn into stress. Use these tips to avoid stress and enjoy your big day! Start the day like you always do. Yes, you are getting married! Today is a day like no other. However, it is important to keep your morning routine the same. If you usually workout before your day, do it. Staying in your routine helps to keep the stress away. Call your future spouse! Their voice calms you and you can enjoy the excitement together. Give yourself plenty of time. One of the biggest causes of stress on your day is timing. Plan a wedding day timeline that gives you, your spouse, and your wedding party plenty of time.  Eat. Even if it is something small, eat. Keeping your blood sugar steady… read more →

Choose Us For Your Family Reunion

The holiday season is not for another few months but planning should begin now. Between Thanksgiving and New Years, our busy social calendars are filled with various gatherings, get-togethers, and events with family and loved ones. The holidays give us a welcomed excuse to spend time with those near and dear, but what about the rest of the year? Aside from holidays, reunions are a great way to stay connected and spend valuable time with family. It is incredibly easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life; we must remember to make time for those who are most important in our lives. Family reunions are the best way to bring everyone together and create precious memories you can cherish for years to come. Chandler’s Gardens Although every family reunion is unique on its own, just as each family is, one thing remains true amongst them all – a very special location. It can be extremely… read more →

The Perfect Spot for Team Building

In so many professions it’s not uncommon to spend as much time with your co-workers as you do with your loved ones, in fact, many of us spend MORE time at work than we do at home so why not dedicate a day to building a stronger, more cohesive team? Nestled in the beautiful pastoral countryside near McKinney, Texas, Chandler’s Gardens offers the perfect location for team building seminars. Situated on 250 gorgeously landscaped acres, you can choose from multiple settings including our Antique Heritage Rose Garden, the Secret Garden, Water’s Edge, Legacy of Legends Rose Garden, or the Circle of Trees. Whichever site you choose your company will have plenty of room for scavenger hunts, strategy games, team picnics, and great photo ops for the next newsletter! You are likely to find that your teammates and employees are much more receptive to building stronger connections and improving communication when they are surrounded by the peaceful… read more →

Outdoor Wedding & Reception in McKinney, TX?

With more than 250 acres, outdoor weddings and receptions are our specialty. If you’re tired of all the noise of the city and restrictions posed by indoor venues, then booking a party surrounded by green, under the warmth of the sapphire sky is an easy choice for your next wedding, reunion, work retreat, or general get-together. With numerous amenities provided at reasonable prices, Chandler’s Gardens beats the stuffiness of hotel banquet halls and is within driving distance of McKinney, Dallas, and other towns and cities in North Texas. The warmth of the sun and the fresh outdoor air are more memorable than the coruscating incandescent bulbs and the muted Berber Carpets and beige tiles of indoor settings. If you’re going to throw a party, then why make it indistinct from most of the ones that you and your guests have already been to? If you’re used to the climate in… read more →

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