7 Ways for Nervous Brides to Relax in Our Special Bridal Suite

The hours before your wedding are full of excitement and stress so you’ll probably wish you had a place to relax and unwind. That’s why Chandler’s Gardens is pleased to present our new Bridal Suite, complete with private changing rooms, vanities, a relaxing lounge area and a private restroom with a shower. It’s the perfect place to try these 7 tips for managing your jitters.

7 Ways for Nervous Brides to Relax in Our Special Bridal Suite

Breathe. Start with the basics. Take several deep breaths drawing the air up from your lower abdomen. Lengthen your exhalations for an extra calming effect.

Meditate or pray. Even if you’re having trouble holding still, this is the ideal time to pause for inspirational thoughts. Engage in a few moments of prayer or mindfulness meditation.

Reminisce. Let your girlfriends help you take your mind off any concerns about the weather or seating arrangements. Enjoy your last hours together as a single woman remembering the good times you’ve shared, and looking forward to the happy years to come.

Pamper yourself. Do something indulgent. Put on plush robes and drink tea. Give each other a hand massage or practice a little aromatherapy with soothing lavender or jasmine.

Eat something. Yes, you may be too jumpy to eat, but it’s worth making the effort. You’ll need your strength, and you won’t have time for much later in the day. Try something filling and nourishing like nuts or energy bars if you can’t handle a regular meal.

Put on the final touches. Take your time fixing up your hair, makeup, jewelry, and dresses. Bring along an emergency kit so you’re prepared for the unexpected with supplies like a sewing kit, tampons, hairspray, safety pins and bobby pins, stain removal sticks, extra stockings, toothbrushes and toothpaste, gum, a blow dryer, cotton balls, makeup brushes and skin cleansers, and aspirin.

Think positive. Remember to smile, and give thanks for all your blessings.

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