5 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Wedding Even More Eco-Friendly

You’ve recycled your mother’s wedding dress and sent e-vites instead of paper invitations, but you’d still like to make sure your wedding reception is more Eco-friendly. If you want to start off your marital bliss with a green footprint and still be able to “wow” your guests, here are some easy ways to keep your reception both classy and green:

5 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Wedding Even More Eco-Friendly

1. Consider your vendors: Choosing local vendors helps to keep your footprint small. By hiring vendors that are local to your venue you’re not only supporting small businesses in your community but you are eliminating the emissions from their vehicles if you’d hired from further away. Local vendors will be able to easily seek out local products too, contributing even more to a happy Mother Earth.

2. Location matters:  Speaking of emissions, you can also choose to hold your ceremony and reception in one place, that way none of your guests or vendors will have to travel from one location to the next, further cutting down on fuel emissions. Another great way your location can help you to cut down on energy usage is to get married outdoors. At Chandler’s Gardens we have several options for your outdoor wedding ceremony and reception. 

3. Choose live plants: As you’re creating the perfect centerpiece to match your theme, you could easily swap out your cut flower arrangement and choose live potted plants as part of the décor instead. That way, after the party is over, guests could go home and plant their centerpiece in their own yards. Potted herbs make a great centerpiece choice as well, then guests can even add fresh herbs to their meal. Think about the choices you have in potting materials as well, you can use recycled glass to add a little sparkle to your centerpieces, or a material that will easily decompose like grapevine baskets.

4. Catering:  We know that your choice of food will be the center of your celebration, but going green doesn’t mean you will be skimping on taste or style. Organic and farm-to-table catering is all the rage right now, so finding a source for healthy, earth-friendly food is easier than ever. Remember to ask caterers if their ingredients are locally-sourced too because it will mean it’s fresher and hasn’t traveled as far (again, thinking about using less fuel to transport it!).

5. Favors: For an eco-friendly wedding favor you can obviously look to plantable options like potted herbs, or even biodegradable seed packets that could be printed with a sweet saying and your wedding date. If plants aren’t your thing, you can also give your guests edible favors from local shops like bakeries or candy stores for a sweet treat, or coffee shops for a bag of their best beans. People may throw away a traditional favor, but it’s hard to resist eating a beautiful cookie! Another popular choice is to opt for a charity donation. You can display a sign letting guests know you’ve made a donation to a charity that is important to you instead of giving out favors that would likely get thrown away.

Chandler’s Gardens would love to help you to create a perfect day by planning your wedding or reception in a way that embraces both style and beauty yet still pleases Mother Earth. Contact us today with any questions or to schedule a tour.