5 Innovative Ideas For Your Next Corporate Event

Theme and concept: after decades of corporate events and planned large-scale meetings, is there really anything new under the Sun? If you are worried about your next big meeting being a boring flop, here are 5 innovative ideas to generate enthusiasm and provide data for better planning.

5 Innovative Ideas For Your Next Corporate Event

1. Venue: Get out of the conference centers. Opt for the outdoor festival style. The latest green industry research reports that more than 70% of American consumers are willing to pay a premium for green goods and services. Since 1997, when the eco-consumer trend first started, sales have burgeoned for green industry companies from just over $3 billion to more than $35 billion. Don’t get left behind the corporate green trend.

2. Pay It Forward: Giving back to the community should always be part of a successful business model. Include a give-back opportunity as part of the meeting’s agenda. Don’t just run a business. Create a legacy.

3. Measured Data: Take the guesswork out of discovering where attendees’ interests lie. The latest technology in name badges tracks where attendees spend most of their time as they travel from booth to booth. This data enables better planning for the next meeting.

4. Create Community: Before the big event, stage micro-events on social media. Create opportunities for chatter and future attendees to make connections before they arrive. This gets networking started which will go full-throttle once everyone arrives at the conference.

5. Bury The PowerPoint: It’s time to draw the final curtain on the age of PowerPoint presentations. Movement, environment, and audience interaction are the elements that keep everyone engaged. For example, consider the high energy of a fashion show and attentiveness of the audience. Could the same concept be used to introduce data and information, one model at a time? There is no limit to the creative ways information can be communicated through attention-grabbing movement staged in the most stimulating environment, the great outdoors.

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